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FREE Aromatherapy with any River Rocks Massage session.

Enjoy the added pleasure of Aromatherapy during your River Rocks Massage, available with either a 1 hour or 1.5 hour session.    PLEASE mention this special when scheduling!  

Offer expires February 28, 2018.


FREE Aromatherapy with any Crystal Cocoon Session.

PLEASE mention this special when scheduling!  Offer expires February 28, 2018.

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What is AROMATHERAPY ?  Essential oils extracted from plants and resins have many health benefits.  We use pure single oils and blends of oils that nourish your mind and body.  You get to select your Aromatherapy from our collection of essential oils by smelling the magical scents.  You might be drawn to a refreshing floral blend or a calming earthy fragrance.

Then we incorporate your selection into our lotion for your massage.  "Aroma - Therapy" ...  therapy for the whole body engaging the sense of smell.  "The nose knows!"


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