Revitalizing Spa Facials 

A classic spa facial at Essential Massage is performed by a licensed massage therapists trained in hydrating the face.  Spa facials are a wonderful opportunity to relax, address sore muscles, and refresh your face with an effective refreshing hydrating treatment.

These facials include:

  • warm towels
  • cleansing
  • essential oil blend
  • face massage
  • hydration treatment



kyoko facial small.jpg

Revitalizing with Massage - Spa Facial 

We combine our Revitalizing Facial with Massage Therapy for overall relaxing benefit. You receive professional massage on your back and neck as part of your session.  Our experienced licensed massage therapists will focus on your needs for stress and tension relief, plus pamper your face with our nourishing hydrating facial.  Facial includes warm towels, cleansing, gentle exfoliation, aromatherapy, and a hydrating treatment with face massage.  For a full body massage with the Revitalizing Facial, we encourage you to enjoy our 90-minute session.
1 hour $116
1-1/2 hour $152 (includes more massage time) 
Add in Aromatherapy $10

Men’s Hydrating Spa Facial with Massage 

Keep your youthful appearance, fight our dry climate, relax and enjoy. Includes hot towels, cleansing and face massage with treatment strength vitamin E and Aloe. Includes massage for neck and shoulders. For a full body massage with the Men’s Hydrating Facial, we encourage you to enjoy our 90-minute session.

1 hour $116
1-1/2 hour $152 (includes full body massage) 
Add in Aromatherapy $10


Add-ins to your ANY Facial session:

River Rocks: Warm heated smooth stones enhance your facial experience. We massage your arms, feet, neck with deliciously warm stones.
Add-in $24

Anti-Aging Eye Pampering: Specially formulated herbal infused pads on the eyes bring deep stress relief for tired computer eye fatigue. Gentle massage and acupressure relax the tensions around the eyes. Less tension makes for a more beautiful and happy face.
Add-in $15

Aromatherapy: Receive the benefit of aromatherapy oils in your massage, or with your facial towels. Heavenly.
Add-in $10