What is a colonic?

Colon hydrotherapy or colonic irrigation is a safe and gentle procedure that uses water to cleanse and tonify the colon. Balancing the muscle tone improves peristalsis, which is the contracting action that moves food matter through the digestive tract. The treatment takes about 40 minutes. For your first visit, allow about 1 hour which includes consultation and abdominal massage.

What is the colon?
The large intestine, also known as the colon, measures about 5 feet in length. When functioning properly, this important organ absorbs trace minerals and moisture from food. Then waste matter is eliminated through bowel movements. Over time, the colon may become congested due to dietary habits, inactivity, and lack of proper hydration. When this occurs, people often experience bloating, excessive gas, constipation, "irritable bowel syndrome", lack of energy, and other health conditions.

What are the benefits of colonics?
Colonics significantly benefit overall health and wellness. Many health practitioners believe disease begins in the colon and optimal wellness can be achieved when this organ functions properly. Common concerns addressed by colonics:

 • Gas and bloating
 • Constipation
 • Low energy, fatigue
 • Irritable bowel
 • Digestive cramping
 • Frequent colds

 • Allergies
 • Excess weight
 • Inability to gain weight
 • Parasites
 • Certain headaches

Many clients notice an increased awareness of how certain foods affect their digestion and health. Plus, some clients report a greater sense of clarity and focus.

Is a colonic painful?
Although colonics are a different sensation, most people do not experience pain. A sensitive colon therapist will apply abdominal massage and sometimes heat to assist the process and encourage clients to breathe and "let go".

How is it different than an enema?
An enema only clears the final few inches of the colon by inserting one temperature of water. A colonic lets fresh water in while also carrying away waste. Although only a small amount of water is inside the colon at any time, more of this organ can be cleansed. Colonics also allow for toning the colon muscles by using different water temperatures.

Why should I try a colonic?
Due to stress and improper nutrition, the colon may not function as well as possible. When the colon becomes too clogged with mucus and dried fecal matter, it cannot efficiently absorb the minerals and moisture. Plus, a stagnant colon offers an attractive home for unwanted parasites and even cancer. When the muscles become too lax or too spastic, pain and bloating can occur.  Colonics can help address your individual concerns.

How many colonics do I need?
One colonic rarely cleans the entire colon. Several colonics more thoroughly clean and improve muscle tone. Depending on your personal health objectives and your eating habits over the years, you may choose to have a series of colonics, maybe three sessions or perhaps five or six. Some "experts" suggest a series of ten. However, a series is truly an individual commitment.

How do I prepare for a colonic?
Ideally, eat light healthy foods for a few days before the first colonic. I recommend doubling veggies and increasing water intake. At a minimum, I suggest no white flour foods (pasta, breads, tortillas, etc) and no cow dairy (cheese, cottage cheese, ice cream, yogurt, etc) for at least the couple days before the appointment. If eating meat, then fish or chicken is easier to digest and make sure that all food is chewed thoroughly. 

The morning or day of the colonic, eating lightly is fine. Perhaps a smoothie (no dairy) or fruit or small bowl of oatmeal could be breakfast. If the appointment is in the afternoon, light breakfast and lunch--perhaps salad would be okay. If you are fine skipping a meal and will not be too hungry or spacey, low blood sugar then you do not have to eat before the colonic. 

Just before the colonic refrain from drinking a large amount of water. Although you will empty your bladder before we start, we want your bladder to stay comfortable.

How much does it cost?
1 hour (first visit) for $92
Subsequent visits (45 minutes) for $70

Kyoko Moriyasu Hummel
Natural Therapeutic Specialist
Registered Massage Therapy Instructor #I-119
Licensed Massage Therapist #072

In 1991 Kyoko attended the New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics in Albuquerque. She studied massage therapy along with polarity, anatomy, herbs, basic nutrition, Bach Flower Remedies, and much to her initial surprise – colonic hydrotherapy.  Kyoko enjoys educating clients about their colon and offering simple suggestions for improving overall vitality.